Department of Social Work and Rehabilitation

In the process of teaching students the specialty "Social Work" (in the directions 1-86 01 01 02 "socio-psychological activity" and 1-86 01 01 03 “socio-rehabilitation activity”) courses on a wide range of topics are taught in accordance with the standard and curricula.

These courses allow you to prepare a future specialist in social work not only at a high theoretical level, but also to form skills that ensure the success of the graduate of the department in practical activities.

In order to integrate theory and practice, the department conducts field classes at practical bases (Republican Scientific Practical Center "Mental Health", State Institution "Minsk City Center for Social Services for Families and Children", Secondary School № 108 of Minsk, Territorial Centers for Social Services, Minsk city dolphinarium "Nemo", "Center for Autistic Children Assistance", etc.).

During the training period, various types of training and industrial practice are organized (orientation, socio-psychological, socio-rehabilitation, undergraduate). In the process of training, students are actively engaged in research, public and volunteer activities.

The Department of Social Work and Rehabilitation provides the teaching of the following academic disciplines at the first level of higher education:

Anatomy and physiology


Introduction to the specialty

Business Communication

Employment and regulation

Innovative approaches to social work at home and abroad

Crisis psychology

Social and social care

Medical psychology

Methods and technologies of social work

The basics of medical knowledge

Fundamentals of Neuropsychology

Basics of psychological counseling and psychotherapy

Ergonomics and Occupational Health

The pedagogical foundations of social work

Prison and post-prison rehabilitation

Post-sports rehabilitation

Career guidance and rehabilitation

Disability prevention and rehabilitation

Career guidance and labor adaptation


The psychological foundations of social work


Psychology of aggression and violence

Communication psychology

Psychology of a professional career

Psychology of marital relations

Family psychology


Rehabilitation Gerontology

Rehabilitation psychotherapy

Rehabilitation of people with deviant behavior


Social medicine

Social Statistics and Demographics

Social and psychological work with people at risk (Social work with minors at risk. Social work with people with deviant behavior)

Theoretical foundations of social work (History of social work. Theory of social work. Methodology and methods of social work)

Trainings (socio-psychological and correctional) (Theory and methodology of training. Training of personal growth. Socio-psychological training. Workshop)

Physiological basis of rehabilitation

Building a successful career

Private rehabilitation

Economic and managerial foundations of social work

Ethics of Social Work

The Department of Social Work and Rehabilitation provides training for undergraduates of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences in the specialties: "Social Psychology" and "Rehabilitation" and provides the teaching of academic disciplines at the second level of higher education:

Actual problems of personality psychology

Actual problems of family psychology

Methodology and methods of experimental research in psychology

Design and fundraising in rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation

Psychology of a professional career

Psychology of management

Rehabilitation workshop

Modern trends in the psychology of communications