Гулис Инна Валерьевна

Inna V. Gulis

Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor

1968 25-ts of October – was born.



1995 – graduated from the Belarussian University of Culture with honors.

2005 – graduated from the Belarussian State University with honors.

2010 – received the poustgaduated diploma.

2015. – received PhD in Psychology. The theme of scientific paper was “Personal and situation indicators of workplace aggression”.


Further education

  • The program "Basics of Business Process Management" under the direction of D. Lukyanov (2012)
  • Program specialization "Organizational consulting. Gestalt approach "under the direction of Y. Baskina. (2009)
  • Belarusian Association of Psychotherapists - specialty group therapy and training (2007г.)
  • International Academy
  • Moscow Institute of Gestalt therapy; specialization - Gestalt therapist (2007).
  • 1st stage program "Introduction to the basics symboldrama"(2002).



From 2005 – worked at the Belarussian State University, department of Psychology as a lecture.

From 2014 – senior Lecturer of Belarussian State University, department of Psychology.

Teaches courses: psychology of Management, psychological basics of working with a personal.