gafarova yy

Julia J. Gafarova

Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor


1983–1988, History of Social and Political Science, Philosophy Faculty, Leningrad State University

1990–1993, PhD Program in Political Science, Department of Political Science, Philosophy Faculty, St. Petersburg State University;

1994 – PhD Thesis


1997–2007, Associate Professor, Philosophy and Cultural Studies Department, NIHE BSU

2007–2010, Associate Professor, Social Work Department, Russian State Social University in Minsk

2010–2016, Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, Belarusian State Economic University

2016 – Present, Associate Professor, Social Communication Department, BSU

Other Activities

Participant of international education and research projects in Belarus, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.


Academic Writing

Visual Analysis of Media

Popular Culture

Cross-cultural Communication in the Economy and Politics

Innovative Business and Transcultural Communication

Research Interests

Methodology of Humanities and Social Sciences, Social Theory and Political Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Multi- and Transculturalism, Cross-cultural and Transcultural Communication