Грищенко Жанна Михайловна

Zhanna M. Grishchenko

Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor


Candidate of Philosophy (1980), senior researcher, associate professor (2009). She is a sociologist, political scientist, specialist in the sphere of sociology of politics and power, methodology and methods of sociological researches.

She was born on July 7th, 1951. In 1974 she graduated from Philosophy Department of the BSU and became a representative of the first professional sociologists, graduated with a specialization "applied sociology".

Her scientific effort and educational work, from the senior laboratory assistant to the senior scientist, the head of the research department laboratory and the deputy head of sociology department, took place within the walls of the home university.

Her scientific interests are connected with sociology of politics and power and her research practice is marked by active foreign contacts and participation in international projects. Since 1993 she's been being a member of executive committee of the international project "Democracy and the Municipal Administration", which is well-known abroad. She actively took part in the international sociological and political sciences congresses and she's been being a member of the World Sociological and Political Sciences Association. Her works were published in the leading academic and university publications in the USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Korea, Poland and Russia. In 1995 she was honoured with a title of academic of the New York Academy of Sciences for her productive participation in the international sociology cooperation and her scientific achievements.