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Faculty of Philosophy and Social sciences.


Faculty of Philosophy and Social sciences prepares full-time students in four subjects: “Philosophy”, “Sociology”, “Psychology” and “Social communications” (training period – 4 years).

Tuition by correspondence is also available for the subjects “Philosophy” and “Sociology” (training period – 5 years).

Faculty provides a short course for the subject “Psychology” for the second high education (training period – 4 years).

Faculty prepares scientific and educational personnel of the highest qualification through the institutions of postgraduate studies and doctoral candidacy.

Philosophy (qualification – “Philosopher. Teacher of philosophy, humanities and social sciences”).

Students acquire fundamental knowledge in wide range of problems and schools of modern philosophy, become proficient in history of foreign philosophy and philosophy of our country, in philosophy and methodology of scientific cognition, in social philosophy, in logic, culturology, ethics, aesthetics and social ecology as well as in psychology, sociology, history and other humanities.

Sociology (qualification – “Sociologist. Teacher of sociology, social and political sciences”).

Students study theory and history of sociology, methodology and methods of sociological research, economical sociology, sociology of personality, sociology of labour, sociology of management, sociology of science, sociology of education, pedagogical sociology, sociology of culture, sociology of religion, sociology of mass conduct, theory and practice of Public Relations, problems and research methods of public opinion and electoral behaviour, economics, demography, statistics and mathematical disciplines.

Psychology (qualification – “Psychologist. Teacher of psychology”).

Students study general psychology as well as age-related, social, economical, pedagogical, engineering and medical psychology, history of psychology, psychology of labour, psychology of management and psychology of creative work, differential psychology, statistics and mathematical disciplines, students are also trained for psychological help, correction and consulting, for work with personnel using psychological knowledge.

Social Communications (qualification – “Specialist in social communications”).

Students study history of informational and communicational sciences, theory of communication, management, communications in marketing, methodology of research in communications, organizational behavior, theory of conflicts, media planning, semiology, Public Relations, verbal vehicles, sociology of mass communications, innovation management, web-design, students are trained for business negotiations, creating presentations, for advertising, etc.

Faculty actively carries out scientific and research work in the fields of philosophy and methodology of scientific cognition, history of philosophical and sociological thought, social technologies in transforming societies and topical problems of modern psychology, ecological values and priorities of nowadays, communicational strategies in social management.

A whole number of research, educational and reference editions became a result of this work. Faculty issues scientific periodicals: “Philosophy and Social sciences” and “Sociology”.


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